Amber Magee is a Los Angeles based commercial artist working on digital, print and environmental projects. Design is her craft, with a particular fluency in branding. 

Practically, her work distills meaning and communicates value. Functionally, she thinks in systems and mechanicals. Aesthetically, she mines a lifetime of reference gathering, using subtle cues to form conceptual connections. 

Amber works with individuals, institutions, small businesses and worldwide brands including Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Major Food Group, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sothebys and Frieze. Graphics became her primary medium through a combined study of studio art and mass media communication at Lehigh University.  Her personal art has been exhibited in Philadelphia, New York and Easton, PA and published by Columbia University, Architectural Digest and Harper's Bazaar.  

Stay in touch. Email me here´╗┐, or connect with me on instagram´╗┐, linkedin´╗┐ or are.na

Amber Magee is an interdisciplinary creative. Trained in design and experienced in brand building, she finds inspiration at the intersection of art & commerce.